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the shorkk quatro


To celebrate our deep red ingredients from Lebanon, we’ve put them together for Christmas. Zejd’s pomegranate molasses, tangy with real depth of flavour, is naturally a deep red brown colour. No additives, no colourings. Zejd’s sumac, citrusy and vibrant, is a much deeper red than commercial varieties, with lots more flavour too. The dark red stigma from the crocus sativus, are bottled in a tiny glass jar. When Zejd’s saffron is infused, it creates a golden orange liquid with an intense aroma.  Only the shorkk tote is beige.

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The shorkk quatro comes in a white cardboard box tied with a red ribbon to match the colour of the ingredients. Naturally deep red, being without additives or colourings, their tastes are all the more intense. If you’re interested in experimenting with them in your cooking, read on. 

First off, is Zejd’s sharp tangy pomegranate molassespraised by Fiona Beckett, the drinks writer from The Guardian. Filtered and reduced to a syrup, the resulting tanginess is the star component in a dressing for a winter salad with pomegranate molasses. Equally delicious with meat, try making Sami Tamimi’s sfiha recipe. For something sweeter, a tablespoon or 2 will perk up a bag of frozen blueberries. Have a look at our blueberry compote recipe to have with yoghurt and granola for breakfast. 

Zejd’s sumac, made from the skin of berries left to dry slowly in the sun, is a deep red colour. Sprinkled on eggs, its citrusy flavour is quite a revelation. The famous Lebanese salad fattoush wouldn’t be complete without it. According to customers who have tried it at our market stall, it tastes totally different from more commercial sumac available. 

If you’re tempted to bake over the festive period, have a look at two recipes on our website which use saffron. Pangiallo, “yellow bread” in Italian, is similar to a panforte. Saffron buns, left overnight to rise and baked in the morning, means a delicious smelling kitchen as well as a freshly baked buns for breakfast.  Then you can tackle your shopping with your beautiful shorkk tote!

The shorkk quatro also includes a gift card, drawn by our daughter Zelfa, of a “namlieh“. This means larder in Arabic. You can write your Christmas message on the shelves. 


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