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the shorkk olive duo


The shorkk olive duo makes a very special present for those who love olives. A sturdy white postal box lined with wood wool contains a tin of Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil, with your choice of olives. Green cracked souri olives, with a creamy buttery taste, or souri black olives for a “meatier” flavour. Preserved in brine, with their pits intact to ensure maximum flavour, this gift is a real taste of Lebanon.



for the olive lover

The shorkk olive duo is a gift from Lebanon for those who love olives. It seems fitting to put both the olive and the oil it produces together. Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil, with its mild peppery aftertaste, is made from the souri variety of olives which are common in Lebanon. 

extra virgin olive oil in a bowl and in a glass jug

souri variety

It was the Phoenicians who shipped wild olive trees to Europe from the port city of Tyre in Lebanon. In Arabic the name of the city is صور sour which is pronounced like “oor” as in “Oor Wullie”, for those familiar with the Scottish comic strip character. You’ll find more about the green cracked olives in our shorkk stories section. The souri black olives are the same variety but picked later in the harvest. 

a mixture of souri olives in the hands of a harvester

a gift for father's day

Not exclusively intended for fathers, but as some of our customers have pointed out, this is a great solution for men who can be tricky to find presents for! It has to be said that in the markets we go to, the olives and the oil tend to be the thing most of our male customers buy. 

drawing of a gift box

recipe ideas

Olives don’t just have to be eaten with a drink, we’ve added recipes on our website to give you some ideas. For those choosing the souri green cracked olives, the green olive and walnut salad or potato salad with green olive tapenade are full of texture and quickly made. The black olives add so much flavour to dishes, pitted, chopped and folded into kale, ricotta and mushroom spaghetti or added to prawns with arak. Keep the brine in the fridge and add a couple of tablespoons to a bean stew for flavour.

a plate with black souri olives on top of spaghetti kale and ricotta

gift card

We include a card of a traditional Lebanese larder in the gift. In the days before fridges, households would store their preserved produce here. It’s called نملية namlieh in Arabic, which means a place to keep the ants out! Drawn by Zelfa el Khazen, we’re happy to write your message on the shelves. There’s a special 10% off discount code on the back of the card too!

olives and oil packaged in honeycomb wrap with a gift card and box


Packed in compostable hive wrapping, rather than bubble wrap, we will ship your parcel by Royal Mail using their tracked 24 hour service. Please let us know if there is a special place the parcel can be left if the receiver won’t be at home. 

Weight 1.8 kg
choice of green or black olives

green olives, black olives


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