the shorkk Mezze trio


The shorkk Mezze trio is an ideal present for those who love Lebanese food, and want to start making their own. Barbara Abdeni Massaad’s cook book Mezze is beautifully illustrated and only available through shorkk. Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient in all of her recipes. And the shorkk tote is roomy enough for all the shopping you’ll need to make a delicious tabbouleh!

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The shorkk Mezze trio contains 3 uniquely Lebanese gifts. Customers to our market stall, have all enjoyed the flavour of Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil. Made from souri olives from north Lebanon, the oil is the result of many years of hard work. Youssef Fares, owner producer of Zejd, is the leading authority on olive oil production in Lebanon. We are delighted to be importing this very special oil to the UK. It comes in a beautiful gold tin, wrapped in gold tissue paper. As well as looking good, Youssef’s extra virgin olive oil has important health benefits because it is processed at a low temperature. It has a mild peppery after taste. This “green gold” will add a Lebanese flavour to your festive dishes. 

The shorkk tote bag was made for us by the Tahaddi sewing workshop in Beirut. Designed by Philippe, co-owner of shorkk, we’re delighted with the bag. One of our customer’s called this their “favourite tote”! The team responsible for making it were thrilled to know that people were using it to do their shopping in the UK.  

Lastly, another unique piece of Lebanon: Barbara Massaad‘s cook book Mezze. One of the founders of Slow Food Beirut, Barbara’s cook book is full of love for Lebanon’s culinary heritage. Published in 2014, these recipes are, as she says, a “labour of love”. Reading each one, you can feel the passion she has for the ingredients. With a bit of garlic, some lemon and good extra virgin olive oil, you too can recreate these recipes. Nourishing food from simple ingredients is easier than you think.  

It has been beautifully illustrated by the highly creative Lebanese artist Pascale Hares. Each illustration is whimsical and full of joy. It reflects a time of security and economic prosperity, after the civil war. This seems so far away now, as the economic crisis in Lebanon approaches is well into its 3rd year. 

The gifts come in a white cardboard box tied with a red ribbon. We’ve added a gift card of a “namlieh”, a Lebanese larder designed by our daughter Zelfa. You can write your message on the shelves inside. There’s also a 10% off code on the back!


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