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A big success with non caffeine drinkers.  Olive leaf infusion has raised a lot of interest recently for its health properties. A mellow taste, with a hint of warm grass. A teaspoon of these cracked silvery green olive leaves, steeped in boiling water for 6-8 minutes, gives a beautiful pale green liquid. Being caffeine free, it makes the perfect evening drink. A second infusion gives a darker infusion, with a stronger taste. We usually infuse one teaspoon of the leaves 3 times, making this a very cost effective cuppa!  A great gift idea for those who enjoy herbal hot drinks.

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Olive leaf infusion is a drink made from the dried leaves of souri olive trees grown in Beino, north Lebanon. While this is not a traditional Lebanese drink, Youssef Fares decided to make use of the leaves which contain an active compound called oleuropein.  An antioxidant which is found in higher concentration in the leaf than in the olive oil. It has triggered great interest from health professionals in recent years for its immune boosting potential, anti-inflammatory properties and is said to lower blood pressure.

As pruning is a key part in the health of the olive tree, the abundance of leaves are mostly composted. However, since they contain an active compound, olive oil producers around the world, are keen to use the leaves. The leaves are carefully sorted by hand, making sure that only the best selected. They are then dried over a week or more before being cracked to allow for a better infusion.

We selected Zejd’s olive leaf infusion as we were looking for something which we could drink throughout the day and in the evening without any caffeine. We are often disappointed by commercial brands whose flavours are too obvious.  Here the leaves are infused to make a caffeine free hot drink which is subtle and mellow.

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2 reviews for olive leaf infusion 70g

  1. Lizzie Fairrie

    Delicious, wonderfully soothing and curiously addictive – a much more grown up taste than the usual herbal teas on offer

    • miranda

      So pleased that you like the mellow taste of this infusion!

  2. Nicola G

    This infusion is delicious simplicity and brings a slice of Lebanese sunshine into my day every time I open the tin. I need never again buy an overengineered herbal tea in a bag again. Thank you shorkk. (I just use a big pinch in every cup – perfect).

    • miranda

      Delighted to hear that the infusion is a little bit of Lebanese sun in your day! Thank you for your kind words.

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