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discover the mellow taste of Lebanon

A big success  with those looking for new herbal hot drinks. These silvery cracked leaves, from souri olive trees in Beino, north Lebanon infuse to produce a mellow tasting caffeine-free cup. A delicate infusion, with no artificial colours or additives, perfect to sip all day long. It loves being re-infused.

to infuse

Steep a teaspoon in boiling water for 6-7 minutes then pour through a tea strainer.  The first infusion is a delicate pale green colour. The second infusion gives a darker colour. We infuse one teaspoon 3 times, making this a very cost effective cuppa!  A great gift for those who enjoy herbal hot drinks.

ingredients: dried, cracked souri olive leaves 

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In Spring, to maintain healthy trees, experienced olive farmers prune their trees. Although most leaves are composted, the team remove the twigs, and select the best olive leaves for drying. The olive leaf infusion is therefore a by-product of the olive oil making process. 

tea or infusion?

You might find “olive leaf infusion” being referred to as “olive leaf tea”online. In the UK, unlike the USA, the word “tea” should be used only for the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which is where tea comes from.a cup of olive leaf infusion beside a box of chocolates


Apart from being naturally caffeine-free, the leaves contain an active compound called oleuropein. Health professionals have recently become interested in this antioxidant for its health benefits. It is said to lower blood pressure and has immune boosting potential. However, we chose it because it tasted delicious!

bitter leaves?

Just the opposite. The taste is smooth and mellow. The infusion only becomes bitter if the leaves are left in the water too long. So remember to strain the leaves after 6-7 minutes, and re-infuse them for your second cup. The leaves are cracked, rather than ground to a powder, to release their flavour. cracked olive leaves on a piece of material


The leaves are loose, not in tea bags, so you can add them to your compost or food waste. The labels peel off the smart tin really easily, and so become a stylish pencil pot, a useful container for rubber bands or seed packets. What will you use yours for?olive leaf infusion pot for storing colouring pencils

For more about olive leaf infusion.

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2 reviews for olive leaf infusion 70g

  1. Lizzie Fairrie

    Delicious, wonderfully soothing and curiously addictive – a much more grown up taste than the usual herbal teas on offer

    • miranda

      So pleased that you like the mellow taste of this infusion!

  2. Nicola G

    This infusion is delicious simplicity and brings a slice of Lebanese sunshine into my day every time I open the tin. I need never again buy an overengineered herbal tea in a bag again. Thank you shorkk. (I just use a big pinch in every cup – perfect).

    • miranda

      Delighted to hear that the infusion is a little bit of Lebanese sun in your day! Thank you for your kind words.

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