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From small batch olive producers in the north of Lebanon, souri olives are transformed into extra virgin olive oil by Zejd.  Pressed the day they are harvested to maintain all the health benefits associated with olives, the oil is mild, with a warm peppery after-taste. In a stylish tin,  the oil is filtered to preserve its quality.  An essential ingredient in any kitchen,  it is a travesty that not more kitchens in the UK know how delicious it is! 

This 3L tin is from the 2021 new season’s harvest.

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Lebanese cold extracted filtered extra virgin olive oil in a 3L tin.  

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Dimensions 22 × 11 × 16.5 cm

1 review for extra virgin olive oil 3L

  1. Monica Berry

    A no bread week, so I impatiently tasted the oil directly. This Zejd extravirgin olive oil delights the palate with fresh fruit and finishes with the slightly bitter notes of the best olives (la bonne bouche of an olive). As best olive oils do, it has a personality all of its own. It elevates the simplest salad into a delicious dish. Look forward to pour it over fresh bread!

    • miranda

      So agree with you about the extra virgin olive oil having a personality of its own! Thank you for your kind words.

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