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uncover the delights of Lebanese EVOO

Enrich your diet with this special Lebanese extra virgin olive oil in a 3 litre tin. From the north of Lebanon, these hand picked olives are pressed the day of harvest to maintain all the health benefits associated with olives. The oil is mild, with a warm peppery after-taste. In a stylish tin, the oil is filtered to preserve its quality. 500ml tin also available.

to serve

An essential ingredient in any kitchen, not just for salads, use for cooking, baking and frying. Drizzle over chickpeas and swirl on top of soups for a gentle fruity flavour. Fry garlic and coriander for a broad bean dish so popular in Lebanon. Mix with za’atar to rub over chicken. Is a trickle on vanilla ice cream a step too far?  


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to fry or not to fry?

Often the question we’re asked by market customers. Professor Tim Spector, in his latest book Food for Life, addresses the stability of antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil when heated. He demonstrated that frying an egg in extra virgin olive oil was much healthier than eating a poached egg. The nutritional content of the EVOO added to the health profile of the egg. Even at high temperatures he recommends cooking with extra virgin olive oil. Buying a 3 L tin of extra virgin olive oil not only means you can enjoy cooking without fearing of running short  it’s better for you, but means it’s better for you!

frying an egg in EVOO

using extra virgin olive oil

Buying a 3 L tin of extra virgin olive oil gives you the luxury of using it in your everyday cooking. When basil is abundant, making a pot of pesto to keep in the fridge saves the basil leaves from wasting. Keen on baking? Try Zejd’s EVOO on focaccia  or make a yoghurt cake for summer fruit. Endless options can be found in our recipe section.

yoghurt cake with lemon curd

life after EVOO?

When you’ve finished the large tin of extra virgin olive oil, carefully open the top with a tin opener. There’s always an extra teaspoon of oil lurking! Last summer we planted some of Jekka’s Herbs in our tins and during the winter they make handy holders for small garden tools. 

2 old olive oil tins being used for planting seeds


Best kept away from heat and direct sunlight. Decant into a smaller vessel for easier pouring.


specially designed boxes

We take every care when packing up your purchase for the post. The extra virgin olive oil 3L tin is sent in a sturdy cardboard box which we have had made. To recycle the cardboard boxes which come from Lebanon, we use them to provide a bit more protection inside. We send packages by Royal Mail or Parcel Force 48hr tracked delivery. 

3L tin with its postal boxes
packaging for the 3L tin

For more about this special extra virgin olive oil from the north of Lebanon, see the man behind the oil in shorkk stories.

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1 review for extra virgin olive oil 3L

  1. Monica Berry

    A no bread week, so I impatiently tasted the oil directly. This Zejd extravirgin olive oil delights the palate with fresh fruit and finishes with the slightly bitter notes of the best olives (la bonne bouche of an olive). As best olive oils do, it has a personality all of its own. It elevates the simplest salad into a delicious dish. Look forward to pour it over fresh bread!

    • miranda

      So agree with you about the extra virgin olive oil having a personality of its own! Thank you for your kind words.

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