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Souri black olives. Widely grown and hugely popular in Lebanon, these ripe souri olives are yet to be more widely appreciated outside their native land.  Juicy and fragrant, they are more mellow than the green cracked souri olives, and equally moreish. The stone is left in, so there is no loss of flavour in the curing. To serve, decant into a bowl with a teaspoon of brine, a little Zejd extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Coat the olives in the liquid. Serve alongside a bowl of labneh, cucumbers, tomatoes  and flat breads for a traditional Lebanese breakfast.

Refrigerate after opening.

Keep the remaining brine and add spoonfuls to soups, stews or even the occasional dirty martini!

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Picked at the end of the season, these souri olives have been left to ripen on the tree. However, as anyone who has eaten an olive straight from the tree knows, they are not ready to eat yet!  The olives are sorted to remove leaves and twigs, washed and drained. Zejd’s black souri olives are preserved in brine, a solution of water and salt, to which some red grape vinegar is added for flavour. Each family in Lebanon has their own recipe for curing olives, and this is the way Youssef Fares’ family preserves their black olives. After about a month, the olives will be ready to eat.

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