extra virgin olive oil

Shorkk is very proud to be showcasing Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil, a small-batch production from the north of Lebanon, made from souri olives. While this variety of olives is typical of the Levantine region, it is not known in the UK. Its name comes from the Lebanese port city of Tyre – Sour in Arabic – famed in Phoenician times as a major trading centre of the ancient Mediterranean world. From this port, the Phoenicians exported, amongst other things, olive trees. So, it seems entirely appropriate that from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, olive oil is still exported to this part of the world.

Youssef Fares is the owner producer of Zejd.  Since his first memory of riding through his family olive grove on a donkey, much has changed in the way olive oil is produced in Lebanon.  Since 2004, after learning the craft of olive oil production in Italy, Youssef has been shaping his brand, focusing on an export market to showcase the best of Lebanon. 

extra virgin olive oil

The olive trees are ideally suited to the climate and terroir of north Lebanon, meaning there is no need for an irrigation system, they are “rain-fed”. Youssef collects olives from selected growers, providing an important source of income for farmers in the north of Lebanon.  His focus is always on producing a superior extraction of extra virgin olive oil, quality over quantity.  

Olives need to be harvested carefully to avoid bruising, and processed the same day, as this keeps the acidity level low and ensures maximum health benefits. They are “cold-pressed” and “mechanically extracted” (terminology which means the product can be called Extra Virgin Olive oil). The result is a balanced, mild flavour with a peppery aftertaste.

Shorkk has selected a sturdy 500ml tin which will not only embellish your kitchen but its contents will complement any dish you make.


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