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Sumac is a much loved spice in Lebanon. The berries from the sumac shrub are harvested by hand, dried and ground. It is a key ingredient in the za’atar mixture. This spice is grown in Beino, north Lebanon.

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Sprinkle over tomatoes, add to the Lebanese salad  fattoush, fold into a yoghurt dressing for a citrus root salad or scatter over fried eggs. Sumac adds zing to a blueberry compote and hints of citrus to sumac biscuits.

Once open, store in a cool dark place.

ingredients: sumac 100%    No preservatives. No additives.  

May contain traces of nuts. 

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lebanon's favourite spice?

Although sumac once a common culinary spice in the UK, it has been a constant companion in cooking in the eastern Mediterranean and Iran. In Lebanon it is one of the key ingredients in za’atar giving the mixture of origanum syriacum, thyme and sesame seeds a refreshing lemony kick. Scattered over fattoush, fried eggs or tomatoes it brings out the flavour in so many things. Many in Lebanon harvest the berries to dry and crush for their own larder.

eggs with sumac


The berries grow in tight clusters on shrubs in Lebanon and turn red towards the end of September. For more about the process of preserving this spice, read our sumac shorkk story. Full of antioxidants, it has been the subject of research by Oxford Brookes University in their research to discover its health benefits. We use it as a substitute for lemon, for those with citrus allergies it is ideal. Scattering a generous helping onto fried potatoes is a tasty alternative to salt.

a picture of the red berries of sumac


Sumac is scattered over salads like fattoush in Lebanon, and we’ve experimented with it using instead of lemon for many dishes. Ideal sprinkled on crispy fried whitebait or folded into yoghurt for a delicious topping on a citrusy root salad. We’ve also made sumac biscuits and blueberry compote to show how versatile this wonderful spice can be with sweet dishes. We’d love to hear how your use sumac in your cooking!

a plate with blueberry compote and a bowl of yoghurt with granola and blueberries


Keep in a cool, dark place to preserve its sharp citrusy properties. 


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