green cracked souri olives 450g

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discover the taste of Lebanese olives

Souri olives are a common variety in Lebanon, but aren’t widely known in the UK. The olives are harvested early in the season, and “cracked” before being cured in a traditional Lebanese way. Firm and exceptionally aromatic, the souri olives are not pitted, and have an almost “buttery” taste.

to serve

Decant the olives into a bowl with a teaspoon of brine,
pour over a little Zejd extra virgin olive oil,
squeeze some lemon and coat the olives in the liquid.
Keep the leftover brine to add to soups or stews or in a Martini!
Pit and use in salads for taste and texture.

Refrigerate after opening.

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eastern Mediterranean speciality

We’re delighted to be championing these Lebanese souri olives in the UK. Overshadowed by more commercial varieties from larger olive producing countries in the Mediterranean, souri olives are unique to the eastern Mediterranean. Grown at an altitude of 550 metres in Beino, north Lebanon, the “terroir” where these olives grow, as well as the climate, all contribute to the uniqueness of their taste. green souri olives


Zejd souri olives are picked when still green, which makes them rich in antioxidants. The pits (or stones) aren’t removed to help preserve their firm texture and make for a satisfying chew. This lets you savour their exceptionally aromatic and sharp taste.  

Lebanese curing 

Zejd’s green cracked olives are cured in a traditional way. Families in Lebanon will buy fresh green olives from farmers to cure at home, adding their own unique touch to the recipe. Zejd’s method follows the traditions of the region where they’re grown in north Lebanon. The olives are left to soak in water which is changed several times until it runs clear. Then they are “cracked” before being left in the preserving solution. Zejd’s recipe adds a little white grape vinegar to the salt and water.


In Lebanon olives appear at most meals, particularly breakfast with a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon. When pitted, they add a texture and flavour to a salad such as Claudia Roden’s green olive and walnut salad. green olives and pomegranate molasses salad



making your purchase go further

When the olives are finished, keep the remaining brine in the fridge and add a little to soups and stews. The jar will elegantly store dried fruit and nuts, or even marmalade!

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3 reviews for green cracked souri olives 450g

  1. Lola CB

    Tasting these green olives with zejd olive oil and slices of lemon took me straight back to Lebanon! Delicious.

    • miranda

      So glad that we were able to supply you with a taste of Lebanon!

  2. Tamara Napper (verified owner)

    I had always preferred black olives until I tried these. They are so good, I am now on my second jar and have ordered several more to make sure I don’t run out!

    • miranda

      We’re over the moon that you like these delicious Lebanese green olives!

  3. Inge

    Very tasty! I feel I can taste the Mediterranean sun…

    • miranda

      Hi – thank you so much – really pleased that it evokes the feeling of the Mediterranean sun!

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