winter salad with pomegranate molasses

winter salad with pomegranate molasses

Who said salads are for summer when a winter salad with pomegranate molasses dressing looks and tastes as delicious as this? If you can find some bitter leaves in your local veg shop, radicchio, chicory, some watercress perhaps, their freshness makes a wonderful a winter salad. If you’re feeling brave, try a few dandelion leaves (careful where you pick them!) Bitter leaves are hugely popular in Lebanon. Dandelion chicory is cooked and served with caramelised onions, plenty of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice as a cold dish.  Since they are good for our digestive system, it would seem sense to make good use of bitter leaves if you can find any in an enterprising greengrocer.

Seek out some interesting blood oranges for their beautiful red flecked markings, or even a pink grapefruit. A little bit of fennel sliced finely with a mandolin adds an interesting taste and texture too. We added a few crushed walnuts, but try them first, some supermarket walnuts can taste positively nasty! Then a dressing, to bind and coat, and add some tang before it reaches the table.

Zejd’s  pomegranate molasses has no sugar added, so the dark thick molasses means you will enjoy all the health benefits associated with pomegranates. It blends easily with the extra virgin olive oil, itself nicely peppery adding another layer of flavour to the winter salad. If you have any sumac, just a sprinkling adds a lemony finishing touch.

serves 2


1 radicchio, peel off as many leaves as you need
1 chicory, pull off the leaves pulled rather than chopped
1/2 fennel, sliced finely on a mandolin 
2 blood oranges, segmented (or a pink grapefruit)
a scattering of watercress leaves  
a handful of walnuts chopped
Zejd sumac, a scattering if you have it

juice of 1/2 blood orange
1 tbsp  Zejd pomegranate molasses
60ml Zejd extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


  1. Tear the radicchio leaves, pull apart the chicory and place in a salad bowl.  Using a mandolin, with care, finely slice the fennel (or use a knife).
  2. Cut the top and bottom off the blood oranges and with a sharp knife remove the peel in a spiral,  so there is no pith left on the fruit.  Then cut the segments away from the inner skin.  Add these to the bowl of salad.
  3. To make the dressing, put the juice of half a blood orange in a separate bowl and add a pinch of salt. Then add the pomegranate molasses,  extra virgin olive oil and whisk until the dressing is beautifully emulsified. Taste and adjust for seasoning.
  4. When ready to eat, pour the dressing over the salad and toss. Sprinkle the walnuts and sumac on top before serving.  

Delicious eaten alone, or with some smoked mackerel or trout. 

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