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We’re delighted to share the delicious ingredients we import from Lebanon

drawing of an olive twig in a cup

shorkk's ideas for using herbs

Here are 5 recipes making the most of herbs this summer with our Lebanese ingredients, and a couple of extras. 


bunches of parsley for tabbouleh

Parsley is the main ingredient in tabbouleh. A Lebanese salad packed with vitamins and goodness, made all the more delicious with Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil.

....less parsley

chopped walnuts and green olives with a pomegranate molasses dressing

Green olive and walnut salad has  just as much goodness, only less parsley and less chopping than tabbouleh. The secret ingredient is the  pomegranate molasses dressing, which coats the souri green cracked olives and walnuts with extra tartness.

....and with potatoes

Add some creamy souri green cracked olives with parsley to make a tapenade for a summery potato salad.

....with garlic and prawns

souri black olives

The parsley adds texture while Zejd’s souri black olives add depth of flavour to this simple yet impressive dish. This is when the quality of the ingredients really matters.


broad beans with coriander and garlic

Precious broad beans are given a Lebanese twist with fried garlic and coriander to make them into a standalone dish. A generous drizzle of Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil to finish adds another layer of flavour. 


mint from above

Fattoush is a much loved salad in Lebanon. Soft mint leaves are torn rather than chopped. The dressing is made with pomegranate molasses and finished with a generous scattering of sumac for  a zingy hit. 


Not a herb, however here’s a suggestion for a seasonal favourite – gooseberries. Making a  crème anglaise flavoured with a hint of Lebanese saffron, goes so well with gooseberries. 

caffeine free infusion

A fan of caffeine-free, herbal teas?  Why not try the leaves from souri olive trees,  dried and cracked, steeped in hot water for 6 minutes to produce a mellow cup which is delicious with a chocolate florentine!

new on shorkk shelves ...

Shorkk’s newest producer, Bassatin Baanoub, farm south of Beirut, in a beautifully unspoilt  area of Lebanon. Their za’atar mix is made from the flowering tips of Origanum syriacum, native to Lebanon, and is delicious on flat bread.  

za'atar manoushé

Happy Cooking!

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