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An ideal gift for those interested in different tastes.  Zejd’s olive leaf infusion is a great caffeine free alternative to a traditional cuppa. Zejd’s saffron has a heady aroma and a deep colour. Have a look at some of our recipes for ideas on how to use this precious spice over the festive period. Comes with the shorkk tote bag.


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We’ve put together the shorkk infusion collection to showcase two different products from Lebanon, linked by their interesting health properties. Zejd’s olive leaf infusion, our best selling item this winter, is made of hand selected leaves from souri olive trees in north Lebanon. They are dried to maintain their active compound, oleuropein, which is said to help reduce blood pressure. The leaves are then cracked to allow for a better infusion. Add a teaspoonful to 150ml of water just off the boil, and leave to infuse for 6-7 minutes. Filter with a tea strainer, and use the leaves for a second and even third infusion. Being caffeine free, it’s the perfect mellow hot drink to have in the evenings.  

The tiny jar of Zejd’s saffron infused in hot liquid produces a glorious golden hue. Although the jar is tiny, on account of the cost of harvesting the stigma, its aroma is intense. It has many interesting health properties: high in antioxidants, and is often thought to be an effective antidepressant. Grown in the Bekaa valley, it comes in a small cotton bag made for us by Tahaddi in the suburbs of Beirut. 

The shorkk tote, wrapped in black tissue paper, has also been made by the Tahaddi sewing workshop. It has been popular with our customers for being elegant and yet robust. All three gifts make great stocking fillers! 

In the gift bag, we’ve added a gift card of a “namlieh”, a Lebanese larder, designed by Zelfa el Khazen, for your Christmas message.


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