chilli infused oil 250ml


peppery heat for drizzling

Dried, home grown chillis added to Zejd’s extra virgin olive oil, made from Lebanese “souri” olives. The peppery heat from Zejd chilli infused oil is perfect for drizzling on pizzas, pasta, soups or sharing mezzé dishes.

to serve

Drizzle with abandon if you dare, to finish dishes with a spicy kick. A moderate amount will add an interesting amount of heat to your dishes.

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what kind of chillis?

Capsicum frutescens is a common variety of chilli pepper in Lebanon. Easy to grow, many people plant them in pots of their balconies to pickle or dry for use throughout the year. These are grown locally in Beino, and harvested in July/August each year. Dried naturally, there are roughly 10-13 in each bottle.

dried red chillis from the chilli infused oil on a saucer

how hot is the oil?

The oil has a gentle heat to it, so it doesn’t scorch the roof of your mouth preventing you from tasting what’s on your plate! We enjoy the spicy notes it gives to a plate of baba ghanouj and drizzled over  a dish of linguine with lemon and garlic. 

a plate of baba ghanouj with some chilli infused oil, a bottle of Zejd chilli infused oil and a bowl of tabouleh

what kind of oil is used?

Zejd uses their own own, an extra virgin olive oil produced in Beino, north Lebanon. 

extra virgin olive oil in a bowl and in a glass jug

making the most of your purchase!

When the oil is finished (or if you have a chilli emergency) tip out the chillis and use in your cooking. They won’t have as much heat as a dried chilli, but still add a pleasant amount of heat. Because they’re milder, you don’t need to worry about removing them before serving the dish!


chopped celeriac, onion, red peppers with three red chillis from the chilli infused oil
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