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new on shorkk's shelves!

Two packets of Lebanese treasure are now on shorkk's shelves - za'atar mix and oregano from Bassatin Baanoub.

We're delighted that customers at Abergavenny Food Festival enjoyed these 2 iconic tastes of Lebanon.

shorkk at Abergavenny Food Festival

Our first time at this esteemed festival in Wales, and the Lebanese ingredients we import delighted so many. A huge thank you to all those who came and supported us. The Guardian's wine writer, Fiona Beckett's taste buds were tickled by the quality of Zejd's pomegranate molasses. Imad Al Arnab, (below right) the owner of Imad's Syrian Kitchen, kindly came to visit our stall and loved everything!
people in the new producers' tent at Abergavenny Food Festival
photo of Imad al Arnab who visited shorkk at Abergavenny Food Festival

za'atar mix - put some flavour on the table!

Since some of our customers at the food festival asked how to use the za'atar mix, here are a few suggestions:
  • make a savoury soda bread scone with a tablespoon of za'atar mix. Serve with labneh and a bowl of za'atar mix & Zejd's EVOO for breakfast.
  • dust the top of salmon fillets with some za'atar mix, a trickle of Zejd's EVOO, and cook for 10 minutes at 200 degrees C.
  • warm a tablespoon of EVOO in a small pan, add a desert spoon of za'atar mix and 2 tablespoons of seeds, toast until fragrant, and use as a salad topping.

***special offer***

3L tin with its postal box

"tote envy?"

baking with EVOO

Phil Khoury, head pastry chef of Harrods, has been wowing home bakers and professional chefs with "A New Way to Bake".
When your biscuit tin is empty, the butter is still in the freezer and you need a biscuit, this is a book for you!
We've baked 3 biscuit recipes so far, using Zejd's EVOO, (good thing it's on special offer!) and they've all delicious.
No mixer needed, very simple and perfect with a cup of Zejd's olive leaf infusion.

the importance of kibbeh

Kibbeh is an iconic dish in Lebanon, yet to be discovered in the UK. For anyone interested in culinary heritage, Amanda Haydar's story in L'Orient Today visits the north of the country where the range of kibbeh dishes is phenomenal.
Here one half of the kibbeh shell is filled with onions and fat, which Tania Doueihy then fuses together to make a ball. Photos by João Sousa for L'Orient Today.

shorkk markets in September

Saturday 23rd Sept Whiteladies Market Bristol BS8 2ST

Sunday 24th Sept Saxonbarn Market, Leonard Stanley, GL10 3NP

Saturday 30th Sept Eat Festival Bedminster, East Street Bristol

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