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Jekka's HerbFest

We're thrilled to be participating in Jekka's 3 day HerbFest event starting on Friday 30th June.
Jekka with Kate Durr and Charles Dowding at Jekka's HerbFest
A fabulous line-up of guests will join Jekka and Kate Durr. To name a few, Charles Dowding, Nathan Outlaw, Romi Gill, Mark Dainco and Rob Howell are offering their top tips on growing and using herbs for all kinds of things.

To mark the event, we're offering 10% off all purchases made at HerbFest 2023 online or at our stall. Have a look at our special HerbFest page by clicking the 10% discount coupon above.

Tickets are available on Jekka's website.

herbs in Lebanese food

Herbs appear in everyday dishes throughout Lebanon. Perhaps the most memorable is the za'atar mix, oregano (pictured), thyme, sumac and sesame seeds spread onto flat breads with extra virgin olive oil. A sprig of mint added to the scattering of olives, tomatoes and cucumber slices makes this manoushé a mouthwatering breakfast.
Bassatin Baanoub's za'atar finally arrives in the UK on July 5th.
origanum syriacum in the mountains in April

eat the rainbow

Mint and parsley are key players in fattoush and tabbouleh, Lebanon's two iconic salads. Prof Tim Spector would like to see us eating a riot of colours on our plates - cue tabbouleh & fattoush. A dressing made with Zejd's extra virgin olive oil, rich in polyphenols, is also what the esteemed nutritionalist recommends. Making it with Zejd's pomegranate molasses and scattering on some sumac means you've upped this salad's health profile even more!

shorkk's new postal box

If you follow Tim Spector's advice and use extra virgin olive oil for "cooking, baking and frying, even at high temperatures”, we have a 3 litre tin. It can be posted safely to you with our new custom made box, complete with striking logo and "namlieh" (Lebanese larder) designed by Zelfa el Khazen.

A Story of Pepper

Not a herb, but a spice. We enjoyed this article about "the world’s most under-appreciated and significant spice", written by Anthony Elghossian for New Lines Magazine.

The illumination of the pepper tree comes from "The Book of Medicinal Herbs" published in Isafan, Persia in 1658. A reminder of how important herbs and spices are in our diet.

Credit: New Lines Magazine/CPA Media Pte/Alamy

"unpaid and underfunded"

In the region of Akkar, from where we import Zejd's olive products, the fire season has started. An article by Madeline Edwards from L'Orient Today highlights the work of the volunteers, who given the lack of any state support, put their lives at risk to protect the vital green area in the north of Lebanon.
The photo below by João Sousa shows a volunteer wearing welding gloves to fight fires to save Akkar's forests.

bursary for shorkk!

Delighted that we've been awarded a bursary by Thatcher's who are this year's sponsors of Eat Festivals.

We'll be joining the Eat Festival Portishead on August 12th. Come and enjoy a day out by the marina!

shorkk markets over the summer

Jekka's Herb Fest Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July at Rose Cottage, Shellards Lane, Avon, BS35 3SY

Whiteladies Market Bristol 8th & 15th July

Eat Festival Portishead 12th August The Marina, BS20 7DF

shorkk will be taking a break from the 18th July until the 1st August.

shorkk at Abergavenny

Great excitement in shorkk HQ as we think ahead to joining this legendary food festival. Hope to see you there!
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