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A gift with a difference

Lebanese olive leaves picked from the souri olive trees in Beino, north Lebanon, make a wonderful caffeine-free alternative to the usual herbal tea. We're offering free postage on Zejd's olive leaf infusion until Sunday 19 March. Use shorkkmothers at the checkout.

Read more about the olive leaves in our shorkk stories.

Homemade biscuits to go alongside the mellow cuppa? Try our citrusy sumac biscuit recipe for a homemade Mother's Day treat.

winter tabbouleh?

With salad shortages, this recipe from Barbara Abdeni Massaad's Mezze shows how to combine seasonal veg with a dressing made from Lebanese pomegranate molasses and extra virgin olive oil which makes them sing!
Now that's a Mother's Day present indeed!

what next for lebanon?

As students subsidise the Lebanese staple with their savings selling 'manouché' at 2019 prices, EU investigators attend a judicial hearing for the embezzlement of millions of public dollars by the Governor of Lebanon's Central Bank and others charged with corruption.

Shops now price goods in dollars, even though the majority are paid in local currency. It has lost 98.5% of its value in less than 4 years. At the time of writing 1$ is 100,000LBP. In 2019 it was 1,500 LBP. By the time you read this, it will have dropped further.

info graphic from Lebanon Times on March 14 2023 showing the rate of the dollar as 100,000 LBP

the good egg deli, London

We'll let you know shortly when shorkk's Lebanese products can be found in London.

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18 March Saturday 9am - 1pm
Bath Farmers Market, Green Park

19 March Sunday 10am - 2.30pm
Tobacco Factory Market, Bristol

26 March Sunday 10am - 2pm
Saxon Barn, Leonard Stanely, Glos.

shorkk recipes

A temptingly juicy plate of root salad with sumac. Not as colourful, but simple and nutritious, a traditional recipe from rural Lebanon.The winning ingredient in both these dishes, new on our website, is the fragrant, delicate extra virgin olive oil.
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