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a cake for Easter

A multi-tasking cake - no food mixer needed thanks to Zejd's extra virgin olive oil - and when dressed up with poached rhubarb and crème fraîche, it makes a wonderful pudding for Easter lunch.

We've adapted a recipe from Rachel Roddy's Five Quarters, and with the author's permission added the ricotta & citrus olive oil cake to our website.

shorkk at the souq?

If you're after the real taste of Lebanon, we've saved you the price of a very expensive ticket to Beirut! We'll be at the eat Festival Bedminster with the very best Lebanese ingredients.

There'll be lots of other stalls, a chance to talk to the producers about where your food comes from!

pity the land

In the UK we are trying to become more dependent on local produce. With the support of the government, farmers in the UK are transitioning to a more sustainable agricultural system.
This article, by Diana Salloum, a fellow of Synaps, highlights how exposed Lebanese farmers are without any support from their government.
Photo courtesy of Synaps.

bassatin baanoub

new producer!

If you've read the article above, you'll know how important it is for us to find new small producers in Lebanon with the best ingredients. Our customers have been requesting a za'atar mix, so we are thrilled that we've have found, according to one of our customers, the best they've ever tasted!
More news next month!

meals during Ramadan

We're supporting The Free Shop Lebanon who are cooking 550 meals a day with an NGO in Lebanon to provide meals for vulnerable families living in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. Have a look at their crowdfunding page for more information.

shorkk markets

8 April Saturday 8.30am - 1pm
Whiteladies Market, Bristol

15 April Saturday 10am - 4pm
Eat Festival Bedminster

22 April Saturday 9am - 1pm
Bath Farmers Market, Green Park

23 April Sunday 10am - 2.30pm TBC
Tobacco Factory Market, Bristol

30 March Sunday 10am - 2pm
Saxon Barn, Leonard Stanely, Glos.
mouneh from Souk el Tayyeb
Some of the local "mouneh" produce at the souq el tayeb farmers' market, Beirut.

shorkk recipes

Fattoush is a show stopping salad for Easter lunch. Made with salad leaves, cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes, leftover bread is fried and added before serving. The secret ingredients are the citrusy sumac scattered on top and the tangy pomegranate molasses mixed with the gentle peppery extra virgin olive oil from Zejd. Happy Easter feasting!
We have enjoyed eating mixed beans and grains during Lent. This recipe, taken from Barbara Massaad's Beirut Forever, is a typical dish from rural Lebanon. If you're trying to increase your fibre, and cut down on animal protein, give this dish a go! Don't forget to finish it off with a generous lake of Zejd's extra virgin olive oil.

free shorkk tote!

As an Easter gift, we're offering a free shorkk tote, handmade by the Tahaddi Sewing workshop in Lebanon when you buy spend £35 or over.

Offer lasts until Monday 10th April.
shorkk tote
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