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We’re a small, socially-minded business based in Bristol, with roots in Scotland and Lebanon.

Coming up with a name for our company encouraged us to draw on our dual heritage. Thistles grow in Lebanon and in Scotland, looking reassuringly familiar in both countries. They push defiantly through stony ground with magnificent grandeur. Splendid in colour, for us thistles symbolise the Lebanese food producing community. In the present climate, they have been left to their own devices, yet continue to produce amazing ingredients which tap into a food tradition with a noble history.

So we took the Arabic word for thistle, شوك, and fused it with an English word “fork”, to get shorkk. Incidentally the Arabic word for fork شوك comes from the Arabic word for thistle شوكي – a perfect fit!

The equation below was drawn by Zelfa el Khazen.

story of shorkk
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