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withdrawal of UNRWA's funding

As of February 2024 the UK along with 20 countries withdrew funding for UNRWA. This was done on the basis of allegations made by Israel, which are being investigated by UNWRA. Israel has not yet provided evidence to substantiate the claims.

a girl with some orange scissors cutting up pictures in a classroom in Shatilla camp
photo of children at Najdeh Association taken by Benedetta Onnis summer 2023

what are the implications for Lebanon?

Chris Gunness, former spokesperson for UNRWA, makes the point that the organisation is akin to a government – it runs education, health and social services for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. So withdrawing vital funds, to the tune of $180 million dollars annually, at a time of economic crisis for Lebanon is disastrous.

children in the classroom colouring in
photo of children at Najdeh Association taken by Benedetta Onnis summer 2023

surely the Lebanese government will help?

Sadly not. The head of UNRWA in Lebanon, Dorothee Klaus, said “the Lebanese government has made it clear that they do not have the logistical, financial and political resources to take over Palestine refugees”. The public sector is already struggling to provide essential services to the Lebanese population.

two teenage girls designing a piece of artwork in the classroom of Shatilla camp
photo of children at Najdeh Association taken by Benedetta Onnis summer 2023

how many people will be affected in Lebanon?

Around 250,000 registered Palestinians live in Lebanon, and 200,000 of them use UNRWA’s services in a year, according to UNRWA. These are mainly primary health care facilities and educational projects. UNRWA can only fund 50-60% of individual’s medical costs, the remaining amount needs to the covered by the patient. This means many, since 80% live below the poverty line, have to forgo their treatment. 

a photo of the children from Najdeh Association
photo courtesy of Najdeh Association 

what does it have to do with najdeh association?

UNRWA fund the operations that Najdeh run to support marginalised women and children in the Palestinian community. They provide early years education for children who go on to UNRWA schools. Vocational training centres are set up to teach skills such as hairdressing and solar panel maintenance. Health clinics which immunise children, support breastfeeding mothers, and deliver workshops on domestic abuse will have to close. 

a photo of Nada with Rimas working on posters in Najdeh classroom
Nada, an “animator” helping Rimas, from Syria, photo courtesy of Najdeh Association 

how to help

We will be donating 10% to Najdeh Association from the sale of the Lebanese ingredients we import. 

If you would like to donate directly, we would be happy to help you with this. The advantage of this is that you get to send money directly to a family yourself. 


donation given received by one of the families shorkk supports through najdeh association
a family receiving shorkk support Jan 2024 photo courtesy of Najdeh Association 
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