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souk success!

Last Sunday we took our Lebanese ingredients to the souk el salam to raise money for the Amos Trust. We helped to make a staggering £20,523 for their projects in Palestine. The huge sell-out success sadly meant hundreds of people had to be turned away from Imad's Syrian Kitchen!

Those who did get in were treated to mouthwatering dishes prepared by 16 chefs. Luckily we managed to sample Imad's felafel and Chef Ayesha's orange blossom mousseline, before they disappeared.

Sami Tamimi, chef and organiser, was so touched by the numbers of happy people queuing. Fingers crossed there'll be another one in a bigger venue soon!

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us at such a positive event to raise money for Gaza.

Imad's falefels
Chef Ayesha' s desert
Philppe, Miranda & Sami Tamimi at the souk el salam
people looking at a ceramic pomegranate at the souk el salam

thanks from Najdeh Association

We're delighted that your contributions to our Christmas sales meant that we could give $40 (£31) to 85 marginalised families in Beirut this month.

These families, supported by Najdeh Association are living in the Gaza Hospital, in the Sabra camp, Beirut.
As donor countries withdraw their funding from UNRWA, there is real fear for the Palestinian communities in Lebanon.

Najdeh depends on UNRWA to pay teacher's salaries and fund schools for refugees throughout the country. They also meet 50% of the medical costs of this community. If UNRWA has to stop funding in 6 months time, there will be a catastrophe of monumental scale in Lebanon.

We continue to support Najdeh and will be launching another fundraiser in the spring.

In the shadow of Beirut

"In the Shadow of Beirut" a film by Stephen Gerard Kelly & Gerald Keane moved the audience in Bristol's Palestine Film Festival. Filmed in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut, we got in touch with the festival committee to highlight the work of Najdeh Association in this area.

Selected as Ireland's best International feature at the Oscars, it is a beautifully shot documentary about love and humanity. Go see it if you can.

shorkk's new shipment

After the success of souk el salam, our stock levels are low. We've sold out of pomegranate tapenade and the 500ml of extra virgin olive oil, but there are still some 3 L tins.

Once our shipment arrives we are trialing a new ingredient from Zejd. The EVOO infused with red chili, perfect for drizzling over pizza, will be appearing on our website soon!

seasonal eating

A citrus posset with a hint of saffron. Now that the citrus season is in full flow, take your pick of lemons, blood oranges or even seville oranges to make this simple pudding over the weekend.

new saffron jar
It's always useful to have ways of making a cauliflower more interesting.

This recipe has lots of layers of flavour and is delicious alongside fish or chicken. With Zejd's saffron, Zejd's "souri" green cracked olives mixed with sultanas and red onions, there's plenty going on in this colourful dish.
souri green cracked olives in a jar

february market

17th February Whiteladies Road Market 8.30am - 1pm
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