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thank you from Najdeh Association

We sent off £500 last week to Najdeh Association amid the depressing news in the eastern Mediterranean. Thanks to your purchases, the Palestinian NGO in Shatila camp, Beirut are putting the money towards buying new classroom equipment.

In December, we will again be donating 50% of online and market sales to the organisation to help with a different project they're running. We will have more details in December's newsletter.

what's happening in Lebanon?

people on the move

In the 2006 war with Israel, people had access to their bank accounts and the economy was not in a state of ruin. Madeline Edwards and Malek Jadah's article for L'Orient Today outlines the complications for those fleeing the south.
photo: João Sousa for L'Orient Today

bombing in the south

The shocking use of phosphorus on Lebanon's agricultural land is highlighted in this article in The National by Nada Maucourant Atallah.

photo: The Green Southerners

Hospitals in Lebanon are anxious about what lies ahead, given the dire state of the country. John Davison and Maya Gebeily report on the situation for Reuters, interviewing the director of Marjaoun's Hospital in the south of the country.

Christmas fair at the Eden Project

Following in the footsteps of Lebanese ancestors, we'll be bringing the best of Lebanon to Cornwall! While the Phoenicians brought saffron to these shores, we'll be bringing other Lebanese ingredients as well.

Tickets available for the Cornwall Christmas Fair at the Eden Project here.

a Lebanese feast in Bristol

We're donating ingredients to Moveable Feast, part of Bristol Hospitality Network who have organised a Lebanese Feast at the Lido in Bristol. Tickets have all sold out, and the money raised supports refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol. Philippe and I are looking forward to helping Chef Jad
prepare a mouthwatering array of dishes for the evening.

no tickets for the Lebanese feast?


All is not lost if you haven't been able to get tickets for the Lebanese Feast - you can make your own at home!

With the help of Barbara Massaad's cook book, Mezze, you too can whip up a divine & simple aubergine salad called "salatet raheb". Dowsed in a tangy tongue tingling pomegranate molasses dressing, serve this to the delight of friends and family.

comfort food...

For us, this epitomises comfort food. "Rishta", a lentil dish with a bit of pasta added, is very popular in Lebanon, as it is in Iran and Italy. A rustic looking plate full of promise, simple, full of fibre and nutritious.

If you're looking for something warming as the cold sets in, have a go at the recipe on our website. Trickling Zejd's extra virgin olive oil on before serving adds flavour as well as health benefits.

shorkk markets in November

Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd November
Cornwall Christmas Fair, the Eden Project.
See website for tickets and timing

Saturday 25th November
Whiteladies Market, Bristol 8.30-1pm

Sunday 26th November 10am-2pm
Saxonbarn Market, Leonard Stanley, GL10 3NP

Anyone for a saffron stocking filler?
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