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souk el salam

We're delighted to be joining Sami Tamimi, Noor Murad and Pierre Malouf's Souk el Salam to raise money for the Amos Trust. Chefs, cookery writers and food producers are getting together at Imad's Syrian Kitchen on Sunday 28th January from 11-3pm.

Sami Tamimi for souk el salam
The £14 entrance fee gives you 2 delicious things to eat. Feast your eyes on more edible delights made by Chef Ayesha Kalaji (not only the star of the latest Masterchef series but a shorkk customer too!), Beirut soul food from Lebnani, and falafels by Imad Al Arnab to name a few. See Amos Trust's website for the full line up.

alchemy in january

Small producers Bassatin Baanoub are hard at work in their farm 80 km away from the border in the south of Lebanon. Turning carob pods into molasses is alchemy, and time consuming. A good occupation when the bombing in the south is within earshot.
photo of broken up carob seed pods from Bassatin Baanoub's farm

something to read

Last week a violent storm left Lebanese and Syrians in the northern rural area of Summaqieh in devastation. Jihad Zeidan aged 16 years old, lists the things they have lost: “Rice, lentils, sugar, tea, the washing machine. The generator. The mattresses, too, and clothes.”
Madeline Edward's article with João Sousa's photos in L'Orient Today is a reminder of how fragile Lebanon is in the face of climate change and an impending war.
João Sousa's photo of Syrians standing in the flood after the strom, Summaqieh, northern Lebanon.

something to listen to

Dr Swee Ang, the orthopeadic surgeon who volunteered at the Gaza Hospital Beirut in 1982 to which we have donated nearly £3,000, joined Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah this week to talk about the crisis in Gaza. Organised by the Amos Trust it was a moving webinar with a message of hope.

Amos Trust are happy for us to share the recording.
Chris Rose, Dr Swee Ang & Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah

january special offer

Our special offer runs to the end of the month. A good time to stock up on presents for later.

Remind the lucky recipient that olive leaves contain an active compound called oleuropein which has interesting health benefits.

3 tins of Zejd's olive leaf infusion for the price of 2 until the end of January!!

seasonal eating

It's handy having Zejd's pomegranate molasses in the kitchen. It gives a beautiful amber glow to the citrus sweetness of marmalade. We add 2 tablespoons of the molasses in the final 10 minutes, as you boil for setting point. We use Nigel Slater's recipe from Christmas Chronicles.
Blood oranges or grapefruit added to some radicchio and chicory with a pomegranate molasses dressing for a refreshing and colourful winter plate. Pleasing on the eye and simple to do.

If you can find dandelion leaves (not in foxy areas!) in the garden they would add another layer of bitterness too!

january markets

28th January Souk el Salam, Imad's Syrian Kitchen, Soho, London
photo of Imad al Arnab who visited shorkk at Abergavenny Food Festival
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