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Your donation to Najdeh Association

From the Director of Najdeh Association, Leila el Ali, on behalf of the residents of the Gaza Hospital, a word of thanks. With your help in November and December, we raised £2,750 for the Lebanese NGO.

The money will be distributed amongst 200 families where marginalised women are the sole providers. For those with life changing medical needs as well as those watching the horrors in Palestine unfold, financial support is crucial at this difficult time. A tiny bit of positivity at the end of 2023.

Gaza Hospital, Sabra camp, Beirut

seasonal eating

We'll be making a Lebanese dish called "shish barak" for New Year's Day. Meat-filled dumplings in a hot yoghurt sauce flavoured with dried mint & garlic is popular in Palestine and Lebanon, and so delicious.

Hard to decide whether to use Sami Tamimi's recipe from Falastin or Barbara Massaad's in Forever Beirut?
a plate with shish barak - meat filled dumplings served with a yoghurt sauce and either dried mint or coriander and garlic
If your bread bin houses a couple of slices of panettone after festive feasting how about a bread and butter pudding?

Making a velvety custard with a touch of Lebanese saffron turns a leftover Christmas treat into a pudding to share with loved ones at the end of the year.
saffron bread and butter pudding

January special offer

With it being miserably wet and cold, we're offering 3 tins of Zejd's olive leaf infusion for the price of 2 until the end of January.

A favourite with our customers for the gentle, grassy taste of the olive leaf. The caffeine-free infusion is an excellent way of keeping hydrated. Besides, re-infusing the teaspoon of leaves at least 3 times makes it even more friendly on the pocket!

January markets

Much looking forward to seeing our customers again at Whiteladies Road on 13th January for our first market of 2024.

If you're in the Bristol area head to BS8 2ST on Saturday mornings for real bread, good veg, cheese, meat produced by small holdings, kimchi, hummus and tasty ready made salads and cakes.
photo of Imad al Arnab who visited shorkk at Abergavenny Food Festival

souk el salam

Delighted to be joining Souk el Salam: a fundraising event for the Amos Trust in support of Palestine.

We'll be at Imad's Syrian Kitchen in London on 28th January from 11am-3pm selling ingredients from Lebanon in aid of Gaza.

learning about the region...

For anyone interested in Palestine and the region, Afikra is a good place to find ideas for books, podcasts and events.

A platform trying to reframe stories from the Arab world, Afikra have plenty of suggestions on their book list. Have a listen to a podcast from 2021 with Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University on his book "The Hundred Years' War on Palestine".
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