Why buy Lebanese olive oil?

Because it's utterly delicious ...and available on our new website.
Appreciative British customers can make a big difference in supporting Lebanese farming communities. But although Lebanon produces some of the most highly prized olive oil in the world, you can’t find it in UK supermarkets. Which is why shorkk came into being.
The Lebanese face enormous challenges on top of the aftermath of the devastating Beirut port blast. A collapsed banking and monetary system, covid hitting in the absence of state support for health, education and agriculture, ongoing fuel shortages with electricity limited to an hour or two a day – all this and more has severely impacted farmers.
Youssef Fares, owner-producer of our launch brand Zejd, is meeting these challenges with determination. Passionate about olives, he’s been developing his sustainable farming practice in his family’s olive groves since 2004. This includes non-intensive planting, minimising soil disturbance, channelling rainwater instead of using irrigation, and recycling wastewater from oil production to use on the land. Even the stones are compacted into fuel briquettes, a precious source of heating in a country hit by an energy crisis. And he encourages good practice in his community by buying in only the best olives from neighbouring farmers.
The best souri olives… another reason we’re championing Lebanon’s olive oil. This variety of distinctively fruity olives are unique to the eastern Mediterranean, and perfectly suited to the climate. Souri olives have a long history going back to the Phoenicians. However, while it is the most common variety in Lebanon, on a global scale, it has a tiny footprint. Nothing to compare with Europe's production. Spain's olive oil production alone this year is projected to be 1.25 million tons according to the Olive Oil Times, while Lebanon's is estimated to be around 20,000 tons. We know that the biodiversity of our foods is under threat globally, as highlighted in Dan Saladino’s book “Eating to Extinction” – could the unique heritage of the local souri be at risk too?
As consumers, we can make a difference by what we put in our shopping bags. By choosing Lebanese olive oil, you’ll be supporting sustainable farming and helping to safeguard the future of the souri olive. Thank you!
Here's a short video of Fares Fares, aged 91 years old, Youssef's uncle, talking about the olive harvest.
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