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As autumn sets in, we've included some recipes below with an eye on comfort cooking. If the past couple of weeks have left you feeling bewildered, the Lebanese one pot dish, bulgur wheat and tomatoes, is not only a doddle, but restorative too. Using a handful of ingredients and done in 15 minutes, frying the onions in Zejd's extra virgin olive oil adds not just flavour but makes it even healthier. If you double the quantity, the leftovers can be recycled into next day's salad. For something sweet, why not have a go at making the saffron buns - watching the milk turn gold with the saffron and then enjoying them with clotted cream (another Phoenician gift to these isles) is wonderfully comforting. Have fun in the kitchen this weekend!

A holiday in Lebanon

Interested in a trip to Lebanon? Barbara Massaad has put us in touch with Tourleb. A Lebanese social enterprise who tailor make their trips to suit your individual needs and make sure the communities you visit are rewarded for their hospitality. Whether you're interested in Lebanon's rich culinary history, wine, botany, archeology, hiking, or a mixture of them all, a holiday in Lebanon is quite unforgettable.
While their website is still being developed, please contact so we can help with your enquiry.

Photos -Tourleb

Special Offer

As it gets colder, our hands are kept warm by Zejd's mellow tasting olive leaf infusion. They make wonderful presents for those who love herbal tea, click here to read more about the infusion. Reusing the leaves is key, with this clever infuser your second cuppa is even easier. We're offering them as a gift for market visitors who buy 2 or more tins of olive leaf infusion.
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Bath Farmers' Market was a great success last Saturday, so interesting to hear from customers who had recently visited Lebanon. We'll let you know our next date for Bath shortly. At the end of the month, we're joining a new Bristol market at Windmill Hill.Hope to see you soon!

Saturday 22nd October Whiteladies Road
8.30 - 1pm
Saturday 29th October Windmill Hill Market
11 - 4pm



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