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Barbara Massaad
Shorkk is delighted to announce that Barbara Massaad, Lebanese chef and photographer, will be coming to Bristol for her only UK book launch on Saturday 1st October 2022.

Join us to hear Barbara talk about her new cookbook "Forever Beirut" at Cookpad's UK headquarters in Bristol. Coming to the city for the first time, she is sharing the secrets of a Lebanese kitchen with her audience. Barbara’s love for the land and the ingredients is palpable, she is expertly placed to share her knowledge of the essence of Lebanese cooking. Ticket sales and more details of the evening can be found here.

If you love Lebanese food, and are wondering how to use Zejd's pomegranate molasses, why not sign up for a cookery demonstration with Barbara as she introduces Lebanese dishes at Papadeli's cookery school in Bristol?

July trip to Lebanon - some highlights

Alfred Tarazi um
Chef Karim
Memory of a Paper City at The Hangar, Beirut. An installation by Alfred Tarazi. Evidence that creativity is keeping Lebanon's soul alive. Stunning.
Hamra, photographed by Nabeel Yakzan, who we were lucky enough to meet up with in Beirut. If anyone is looking for beautifully caught images of Lebanon as it collapses, his work can be found here.
Chef Karim from the community kitchen of Nation Station in Beirut. Proceeds from Barbara Massaad's talk in Bristol will go directly to this NGO in Beirut to help them provide meals for those in need.

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tahaddi bag and beirut forever
We have more of our tote bags made by the Tahaddi sewing workshop in Beirut. A practical and stylish bag for your shopping.

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While we're waiting for our next shipment of olives, we still have other Lebanese essentials.

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shorkk markets
Saturday 27th Aug
Whiteladies Market

Sunday 28th Aug
Tobacco Factory Market

The recipes below celebrate summer fruit. Try a touch of Zejd's saffron infused in these dairy recipes for an interesting background taste. Zejd's pomegranate molasses instead of blackcurrants in a summer pudding? Have a go while the abundance of summer is still here!
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