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Let's talk about Lebanon in Bristol.

Barbara Massaad's visit to Bristol over the weekend was a huge success. After a quick stop at the Whiteladies Market, we chopped and prepped at Papadeli ahead of the cooking demo. Mouthwatering Lebanese dishes were conjured up in front of 13 lucky Bristolians. Mountains of parsley with a generous measure of all spice, drenched in Zejd's EVOO, made the perfect tabbouleh. The happy lunchers were served hummus topped with tenderloin of lamb, muhammara whipped up from a jar of red pepper paste and eaten with Philippe's home made Lebanese bread crisped up in the oven.The main course was a dish called moghrabieh - a crowd pleasing one-pot autumnal wonder from her new cookbook "Forever Beirut".

BM_pap3 copy
After a busy lunchtime, Barbara captivated an audience of 45 at Cookpad UK the same evening. Philippe's sambousek and fatayer, a bowl of tabbouleh made by Cookpad, and a glass of Lebanese red or lemonade, were served to guests as they listened to Barbara talking about Lebanon's culinary history. She went on to describe how complicated life has become in Lebanon. No access to bank accounts, infrequent bursts of electricity and water, soaring inflation and currency devaluation are a man-made crisis, inflicted on the Lebanese by the ruling elite, as stated in a UN report. Many wanted to know how best to support people in Lebanon. Apart from supporting Tahaddi by buying our shorkk tote and food producers by purchasing ingredients through shorkk, we've included details below of 2 local organisations who are filling the void created by an absent state.

How to help

Nation Station have a go fund me page. Philippe will also be taking a donation from the ticket sales of our event on his next trip back.
Chef Karim
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The Free Shop Lebanon support 2,300 families, who "buy" clothes donated from the UK. The team of 5 Syrian refugees is supported by 5 trustees from the UK headed by Alice.

Books from shorkk

Forever Beirut
Having sold all our copies of "Forever Beirut" we are able to offer Barbara's earlier cookbook, "Mezze", currently on a boat on its way to the UK. If you'd like a copy, contact

Recipes from shorkk

chocolate mousse_insta_3
If you've never made a chocolate mousse with EVOO before, give this simple recipe a go. It's a delight.
barlotti 1
Catch the barolotti beans before they go, and mix them with braised rainbow chard stalks for a nourishing autumn salad.


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22nd October Bath Farmers' Market
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